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Brief History of TJ's Work in the Legal field

TJ Henderson has been working in the legal industry for 22 years. He worked under a judge for six years, and worked under an attorney for five of those years. He learned a lot working with these people about statutory law, and discovered constitutional law about 1993. In 1989 TJ began studying law at the School of Law in Eugene, Oregon. In 1993 he wrote a brief entitled "Right to non-bar counsel" and filed it in front of Judge Ron Ranier in a case "State versus Garrison" and won that right and represented him in that case, and that judge invited TJ Henderson to come back. That's how he came to be able to practice in the courts, and he did that up to about 2000. 1n 1996 and 1997 TJ went to trust school in Chicago, Illinois. He was invited to go to this trust school because of his knowledge in Title 42 lawsuits. There was a very old attorney at this school that was being attacked by the state and he specifically asked TJ to come to Chicago and write this law suit for him, and in trade he was able to attend their trust school. 


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1-12 gradesWhite Salmon, Wa 98672
1979 thru. 1985Military National Guards, college level courses in mechanics
1989 thru. To dateEducation in Law and Consumer Protections
1995Won right to represent Citizens in State Court in State v Garrison, Judge Ron Rainer presiding, District Court Skamania County, Wa.
1997Trust School, Heritage America, Chicago, IL
1995 thru. 2000Practice of Law in Skamania and Klickitat County Courts, Wa.


Attorney References TILA and Case Testimony
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Larry CrainAttorney, TN Helped with Mediation and settled case David C. Scott and Judy S. Scott,
Bankruptcy Case No. 304-07731, Adversary Proceeding No. 304-0626A
Eric FoxAttorney, TN Helped with Mediation and settled case David C. Scott and Judy S. Scott,
Bankruptcy Case No. 304-07731, Adversary Proceeding No. 304-0626A
George KolinAttorney, WA Expert Witness, TONY S. and CAROL HENDERSON, No. 05-cv-05781-RBL, currently under appeal.
Bruce NicholsAttorney, CA  
David VanDykeAttorney, MA  Expert Witness, by Deposition-settled part case, Joseph and Roxanne Darling, Civil Action No. 06-123-B-W
Robert BrownAttorney, NY   Expert Witness in many cases


Jurisdictions of Expert Witness Approval

United States District Court for the District of Maine
United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Tennessee (Nashville)
United States District Court for the Western District of Washington (not approved case under appeal)
United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (McAllen) Case under seal


Community Leadership Experience
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2002 thru. 2006Seminars and workshops on Truth in Lending in: Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Florida, Rhode Island, California, Utah and North Carolina
1985Acting Motor Pool Sergeant National Guard Armory Hood River, Oregon


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1982-83Private of the Year, National Guards Hood River Oregon


Leadership Experience and Special Activities
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2000Organized and ran JR Richardson as District 3 County Board Member
2002-07 Organized nation wide campaign to help stomp out predatory lending with 4 companies. Co3m, Jim Colins , Consumer Guardian, TJ Henderson 641-936-4686, Mortgage Violation Watch Dog, Curtis Sweet and Advocates for Justice, Linda Rougeu


Professional Experience
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Consumer Advocate Field:
Currently:Consumer Guardian: PRESIDENT
Mortgage Auditing Services: Paralegal Services
Since 1998Provide Services re TILA, Truth in Lending Act Violations, RESPA,
Uniform Deceptive Trade Practice Act, Fair Debt Credit Reporting Act and all states consumer protections.


Business Experience:
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1986 thru. 1995Owner Operator of own business in purchase and sell of Real Estate Owner operator of Henderson Logging
1994 thru. 2009Owner Paralegal Services
2002 thru. 2009Owner Consumer Guardian


Currant Publications:

Mortgage Foreclosures and Defenses is currently published and available at


Current Business Tools:

West Law and National Consumer Law Center complete Consumer Library

 Interests and Activities:

Continuing study of Consumer Law, stock car racing, investing, and gold mining.